……..The building of Fuel Road House continued. For part one head over here

It's all about the details

The build of Fuel Road House continues here in part 2 with us adding all the small details and the signage. Having an in-house vinyl cutter came in handy as it enabled us to design and cut a bulk of the signage out as well as create stencils used to spray the rest of the signage like the Fill ‘er up bar.

We are also fortunate that the landlord has onsite laser and plasma cutters as well as a CNC router and was happy for us to experiment with them! We cut out a 3mm steel sign for the entranceway using the Plasma cutter and we then backlit it with LEDs.

150 inch TV screen

With the mission to create a space we would all love to hang out in, Roadhouse would not be complete without a big screen. We have plans to broadcast live motorsport and films etc so Olly custom fabricated a 150-inch screen that our laser projector would project on to and looks great from every angle.

The Paddocks and gardens.

We have talked a lot about the interior, but the outside space at Fuel Road House was initially what attracted us to the plot. The garden which we are calling the paddocks is a great space with loads of potential and what’s more, has a giant pirate ship with a great vantage point. It’s definitely a space for the whole family to enjoy and we plan to have a number of things for the kids to do also.